Second Discussion Forum Post: Online Course edX: BlendedX Blended Learning with edX

I participated in a optional course activity which required me to do the following:

Create an in-class activity that encourages collaboration, provides opportunities for formative feedback and maximizes the blended learning experience. I posted my idea for a blended learning classroom activity in the discussion forum.


equipment and software required:

wifi/internet connection 1 laptop 1 overhead projector or big display monitor/TV enthusiastic students with mobiles devices with wifi connectivity Social Wall installed on laptop and set up in advance of classroom session set up Social Media hashtag

I would suggest a class/student numbers between 15 – 25.

I would suggest hosting this session in a computer lab, just in case any studnets do not have a mobile device

Classroom Activity

[15 minutes, introduction period] web scavenge – ask students to investigate in 4 groups; the positive and negative impact of social media has had on society. The scavenge hunt will take place online and students will use search engines to search fr articles relating to both the positive and negative aspects of social media.

[15 minutes, discussion amongst group members] – the students will analyse and reflect on their findings regarding both positive and negative impacts social media have had on society. They will choose what they consider to be the best web articles, as examplars – which will be posted on Social Wall via the hashtag.

[20 minutes, classroom discussion] – the class will now debate the various examples posted on the class Social Wall and if they think social media has been a positive or negative influence on society.

[10 minute reflection going forward] – having discussed both the negative and positives of social media’s impact on society – the students will now take forward what they have learned and be involved in developing a netiquette policy for behaving and communicating online. This policy will be used and referred to for the remainder of there time they are attending or involved in the programme of learning.


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