Final Reflection on Supporting the Blended and Online Student Experience

The journey still continues, as they say. Despite the module drawing to a conclusion and the student led seminars coming to a close, there is still a lot to take forward from what I have learned over the past 12 weeks.

I’m now going to quickly reflect on what I have learned during the SBOE module.

  • Learn about your students, they are not simply bits of text on your screen – they are individual people
  • Each student is unique, with differing levels of skills in terms of academia and digital literacy
  • When producing guidance for online learners, whether that’s learning outcomes or general instructions, you have to be explicit and explain things clearly
  • As an instructor it is important to know your subject area to provide guidance and answer any queries
  • When facilitating online learning as an instructor, it is important to provided encouragement in online activities to learners to encourage engagement, however make sure this is balanced and not done too often
  • Encourage a social presence for online learners to adopt, whether its adding a picture of themselves or a bit of information about their personal or professional background
  • Provide quality feedback to learners, this is vitally important as it allows them to reflect on what they got correct and what they need to improve on
  • Vary the resources and activities you deliver to students – otherwise you risk repetition which could lead to lack of engagement

What I plan in implementing within my professional practice

Encourage lecturing staff to give comprehensive feedback in both formative and summative assessments. I’ve learned from fellow students during this module that feedback doesn’t have to be just text, it can be directing students to appropriate resources or information online or even video can be used to add further context.

I’ve learned a lot from this module and feel I can implement student support more effectively within my professional practice. The experience of being both an online student and teacher proved to be immensely beneficial as I was able to fully appreciate how important guidance is in the online learning environment – whether you are delivering or receiving it. I will be making sure that any guidance I develop in UWS’s online module are both explicit and provide all the support our online learners require. I’ll provide the opportunities for feedback to gauge student reactions and in case any instructions require improving.


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