HEA Frame Work Alignment (HEA Related)

In this blog entry I am going to discuss how my module participation and professional practice align themselves to 6 areas of activity, core knowledge and values.

My group work is focused around delivering an online seminar for one of the modules units (between 09/02/2015 – 22/02/2015). This will involve developing learning outcomes, materials and activities to influence how the students study and learn. In an effort to utilise suitable technologies I have developed a video which covers how feedback can be delivered through different mediums, this led to encouraging the students of our unit to participate in the discussion forums relating to this subject area. The video was embedded in an interactive Xerte object which contained a page which has links to additional resources and tutorials, this is to further aid and support the learners. To ensure the materials are accessible as possible I produced a transcript for the video in an effort to ensure no learner is excluded. (K3, K4, A2, A3, V1, V2).

In an effort to support learners we arranged a schedule where we will individually monitor the discussion forums and unit activities for an allotted period of time. This will allow me to help learners with any queries they have, but also encourage participation, discussion and engagement with the unit materials. (V2, V4, K3, K4).

In my professional practice I am developing an interactive Xerte object which is aimed at offering support to online distance learners who require aid and scaffolding in the use of Mahara (software we use for PDP and online portfolios). The Xerte object will offer a range of information and tutorials presented in video, PDF format along with links to relevant online resources. Being able to use this software effectively will benefit the students as a large number of modules encourage students to develop their PDP using Mahara. (A1, A2, K4).

This concludes how my module work (Supporting the Blended and Online Student Experience) and professional practice align to the HEA framework.

Below is a PDF copy of the HEA frame work



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